LET YOUR VINYASA BE -A workshop by Benedetta Spada

LET YOUR VINYASA BE -A workshop by Benedetta Spada


A workshop by Benedetta Spada

Yoga is not only physical, but also a mental attitude. The new science of epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and our yoga practice.

Benedetta Spada, with the kind intervention of her husband, will introduce you to the yoga as a science made of experiences, discoveries and new beliefs.

After introducing the influence of mind on matter, the first part of the Workshop will put in tension all muscles heartfulnessly. Any parts of our body can hide tensions, we can transform it into good or bad feelings.

Our mind hide it again, we can talk better to ourself. The second part, is a yogic way to let go of the fear, to give the best answer and to become a better person.

Using self regulation to play with the automatic responses to pain – do I need to hold my breath so much right now, do I need to tighten my body so much, do these negative thoughts serve me now, does this emotional response and its intensity match with what’s going on inside me and outside.

Sunday, February 4th 2018
from 11:00 till 13:00
100 Avenue du 3 Septembre
06320 CAP D’AIL
40 Euros (for the two hours)
06 26 64 16 78

Benedetta Spada is a yoga teacher, writer, blogger and Mind-Body self-discovery expert who has spent her entire life immersed in yoga and half of her life teaching yoga. Over 10,000+ hours of teaching in class room settings, private consultation sessions and teacher training programs, mind-body discovery and wellness.
Spada has advanced certifications in both Hatha, Yoga therapy and Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation. She is one of the pioneers in the burgeoning field of Yoga and MindBody exploration and has over ten years of experience assisting other holistic masters such as Jodorowsky, Sharon Gannon, Franco Berrino.
Spada speaks regularly on the radio, teaches at conferences and festivals, including at the Yoga Festival in Milan, and at the first edition of The Yoga Tour among others.
After 3 years of studying with her husband in a community managed from run by Don Carlo Rocchetta, She founded a 25 hours’ Tenderness Yoga Teacher Training lastly presented at the Yoga Festival in Milan. 

Spada’s first book, published only in Italian, «Yoga Dinamico Facile» has sold 5,000+ copies in Italy since 2006 and has been republished in 2015 (Anima Edizioni).

More information on the official website or on LinkedIn personal profile.