What is being said about Elanda Villa …


« A huge hit for this fitness studio. It is unique: sea view, exclusive courses (Hot yoga, Pop Pilates), genius teachers and especially ultra pro (each course has a specialized teacher). Marion will advise you and guide you, and she also makes delicious smoothies! Go with your eyes closed! »

Laura B. (Cap d’Ail)


« Very nice fitness & yoga studio with a beautiful sea view ! Very friendly, welcoming place. The courses are varied and given by TOP teachers! You can also taste excellent juices or practice meditation. « 

Alexandra F. (Cap d’Ail)


« ELANDA is a very pleasant and very cozy place where you can easily get in touch with the teachers. There are different styles of yoga that allow you to choose your own style and also the different workshops offered on weekends allow you to discover other sports that cannot be found elsewhere, such as aerial yoga – super relaxing! »


Charlotte M. (Monaco)


« Hello Marion. It was very nice meeting you yesterday and I only wish we’d have more time to know each other more. I was well impressed by your business setup and the serenity and enlightenment your presence seem to reflect. »

H. P. (Monaco)


« A big thank you to Elanda and especially to Marion who in 4 months put me back on track after two back surgeries (herniated disc). Thanks to yoga & Pilates postures and Marion’s personalized trainings, I was able to regain flexibility of the spine, better balance & strength in general and I am now almost pain-free ! Thank you for given me the attention & help I needed. « 

Igor A. (Monaco)


« Merry Christmas Marion! Thank you for all the wonderful training and workshops this year! You are absolutely wonderful and the energy at Elanda always makes me smile! »

Juanita V. (Nice)


« Marion is a great coach! When I was living in Cap d’Ail, Marion helped me to stay fit – to tone my muscles – she was always in a good mood ! She also gave private sessions to my 25 years old daughter and managed to create a spark. When my daughter returned home to Denmark, she started to practice sport on a regular basis and lost 40 kilos in one year! That’s just wonderful. « 

H. L. (Denmark)


« The sea view and the calm make this place a perfect place to relax. I encourage anyone who wants to learn meditation to come and try. Whether you live in Cap d’Ail, Monaco, Beaulieu or Beausoleil, spend a few minutes on Friday between 12:30 and 13:30 to make a real break in the week and you will feel refueled. »

Stéphane C. (Cagnes-sur-mer)


« I have discovered the superfoods’ blend  » IamLean « from Naomi’s Kitchen at Elanda Villa and I love it ! With the help of great classes (pilates and aerial yoga -fabulous!) given by Marion, boxing classes by Philippe and Zumba classes by Natacha, in the two months I was in Cap d’Ail, I lost several kilos, toned my muscles and redesigned my body and especially: I learned to take care of myself! Elanda I miss you so much aleady !!! « 

Karin G. (Denmark)


«Great place in Cap d’Ail for yoga and fitness, love it! « 

Max B. (Monaco)


« I came from Paris to Cap d’Ail for a swim course at sea with « Swim The Riviera ». Being a massages-addict I searched on the internet for something to make the best of my stay there. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Elanda Villa website. The reservation was simply done by mail.

On D day the massage went wonderfully well. Facing the sea was just superb! The studio is beautiful and exudes a beautiful energy. The masseuse had adapted perfectly to my request.

It makes me want to come back for another massage or yoga on a future stay in the area 🙂 « 

Eugénie M. (Paris)


« I travel regularly to Monaco for work and what was not my surprise and happiness to discover Elanda Villa! A yoga and fitness studio that combines wonderfully the typical American concept of have-it-all in one place (yoga / massages and juice bar / health bar) as you can find everywhere in NY or LA – where I lived – but with the French charm, and view on the Mediterranean! So basically you can do a HOT Yoga class, or aerial yoga (fabulous!) then book a massage and finish with a green tea and pack on your superfood blends! Ah… quiet zen time … perfect to recharge your batteries … And the owner Marion is trying to care for all your needs! Not to be missed if you are in the area! « 

Masha B. (Paris)


« A great place to regenerate & regain contact with yourself. In the area there are many spa but this is the only center I found where it is possible to have the specialists who take care of you with an eye attentive to you as an individual, not only in physical but also spiritual. Massage, meditation, yoga, pilates … all activities carried out by experts of the sector, as well as the owner very helpful.

I very much recommend it. »

Loris C. (Beaulieu)


« I have been studying at the university of Monaco for two years already and as many of you know, uni and stress come in a package. Stress was inevitable, it came together with exams and assignments, simple daily problems. That was until I discovered Elanda.

Their hot yoga classes are something surreal…

You step into a warm humid room and forget all your worries. Body and mind come together, free of unnecessary thoughts. I’ve done yoga multiple times before, but nothing compares to that (!), I can’t express enough how good it feels and how different you feel after.

Everyone who is in the area of Nice or Monaco has to visit, I promise, you won’t regret it. »

Valeriya B. (Monaco)


« I had the pleasure of attending yoga and pilates classes at Elanda Villa Studio in September and October 2015. Both the owner, Marion and the instructors were always attentive and helpful to their student’s needs. The classes and caring nature helped me gain clarity, overall empowered me while being far away from home. My positive memories of Elanda Villa Studio and the people who I met encouraged me to revisit in September 2016, and hopefully many more future visits. »

Helen R. (Canada)


« It’s always a pleasure to do Aerial Yoga with Marion. We feel the benefits of the postures as they provide beautiful sensations. You should absolutely try!

Micaela F. Monaco